Cornerstone Videos take pride in their reputation for service and quality. This is what some of their clients have to say: 

"…it is brilliant, did you purchase brand new equipment?" 

"I’m impressed with the video quality." 

"…this is why I always come back to you" (Eastern Cape) 

”..thank you for the chapters and I really like what you did with the opening of the show.” 

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All rooms offer a blend contemporary design and traditional wooden décor with more than 5 self contained cottages and 12 bedrooms, all with exclusive bathrooms, mini bar and access to free wireless internet. all have access to a coffee shop, bar and restaurant. Each one boasts soft earthy colors and is also equipped with a 20-inch (50 cm) LCD TV and DStv. Facilities at Mohlware Lodge include a day spa, barbecue options and an outdoor swimming pool.

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Underfloor heating has been around for much longer than people generally think. It was certainly used by the Romans and Greeks as long as 2,500 years ago, and there is some evidence that in floor heating may have been used by inhabitants of the Aleutian Islands in Neolithic times. Of course there was no electricity for floorheating in those days, and so hot gases, usually from an external fire, were directed through flues beneath the stone floors and in walls.

Underfloor heating has come a long way since then, although it only started to become popular after 1980, when the first standards for in floor heating systems were introduced in Europe. There are three popular methods of floor warming used today:

Low voltage underfloor heating

Electric cable underfloor heating

Hydronic underfloor heating

Low voltage underfloor heat is based on a 24 volt AC or DC electric current, and is popular overseas, especially in the United States. Low voltage in floor heaters can be run directly from a solar power or wind generator source. Underfloor electric cables are the most common floor heater in South Africa, where they use a 240 volt power source. They can also be run from a 120 volt source such as is found in America. Hydronic under floor heating consists of a network of tubes containing hot water that is pumped from a heating source. These tubes are usually embedded in the concrete slab during building.

An in floor heater provides the most comfortable and consistent heat. It is energy efficient and provides consistent room temperatures. It can be set up in zones, allowing you to control temperatures room by room.

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Turmeric, nicknamed the “Spice of Life” in India for its wide use in daily life and for its many medicinal benefits to help lead a healthy life. This delicious tea is believed to increase health and longevity.

Turmeric Tea with Lime 

What you’ll need:
1 cup water - boiled
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp lime juice (or lemon juice)
1 tsp sugar 

1. Add turmeric powder and boiling water into cup, then stir, and let steep for a few minutes. 
2. Add in lime juice and sugar, stir, and cheers to a healthy life.

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Ekhwesi offers comprehensive revenue management of your repayment site, in a highly cost effective manner.

The system is ideal for landlords who want to effectively control the electricity consumption and revenue collection on their rented units without the hassle of maintaining the operational and technological requirements of a prepayment system.

It’s all done for you, from the maintenance and upgrades, to backups and security, Ekhwesi covers it all, so that you can focus on your core business whilst we ensure your site is operating smoothly and efficiently. Ekhwesi Pre Paid vending is also ideal for bigger prepayment projects which, in the past, may not have been feasible due to the capital investment required. With various revenue management models, we have a tailor made solution to suit your needs.

Here are a couple of vending options: 

Paper Tokens – This is used if a customer has 1 or 2 meters. Paper tokens are generated for each meter (Tokens are meter specific) which they will on sell to their tenant. The cost per token is R2.01 (incl). Customer needs to specify the Rand value and Rate per KWh for each token.

Scratch Cards – This is used if a customer has multiple meters and for a Body Corporate who wants to manage their own revenue collection. The scratch cards come in denominations of R50, R100 and R200.Scratch cards are allocated to specific meters and will only be able to be used on those meters. A standard rate SMS will need to be sent to redeem the voucher. (MTN or Vodacom).

Revenue Collection – This option is used if the Landlord doesn’t want the hassle of collecting the money for their electricity. eKhwesi Energy will provide the revenue collection on behalf of the Landlord. eKhwesi will charge a 10% fee on all cash collected. This fee will be recovered in the transaction when requesting a token that the tenants are charged, so the Landlord does not have to pay for this service.

A registration form will need to be completed by the Landlord and tenant and faxed to eKhwesi Energy for capturing.
The tenants will then have to deposit money into eKhwesi Energy’s FNB bank account using their meter number (041………….) as a reference. 
Allow +- 1 hour before sending a SMS to receive the 20 digit STS token number. Format of SMS to be sent M(pin No.)* meter No.* Amount . Send it to either the MTN No. 0783383194 or Vodacom No. 0790914073.
The Tenant will receive a return SMS with the token number that they will punch into their meter.

Various other options are available on their WEBSITE 

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Extra Activities
We have many extra-curricular activities on offer including: Karate, Computer lessons, Pottery, Play Ball, Soccer Starz, Rugga Kids, Drama and Minimatics. Enrolment forms are available in the office, and all contact details for the extra-curricular facilitators are listed on our site, as well as in the school newsletter.
Swimming Lessons
Swimming lessons are conducted once a week in one of our 2 dedicated, heated pools situated on our premises, which cuts out the need for transportation, and allows us to catch up lessons that are missed due to unsuitable weather conditions. Lessons are conducted on a necessarily dynamic schedule by our very own SWIM-SA accredited instructors in water that is 26 degrees Celsius or warmer. Safety features include a customized perimeter fence which is kept locked when not attended by a member of staff, as well as a secure pool net. Swimming Lessons are only on offer to children who attend Magic Beings.





School: 07h40/07h45 – 13h00/13h30/13h45 (grade dependent)
Early drop off from 06h30
Aftercare: 13h00/13h30/13h45 – 18h00


School ends at 13h00 for Grade 0 and 1, 13h30 for Grades 2 and 3, and 13h45 for Grades 4, 5 and 6. Aftercare is offered until 18h00, at an additional fee for those who require full day care. If your child is doing sports, they may stay until 15h00, on the days their Grade has sporting activities.


The afternoon homework period is provided for children who are booked into aftercare. The homework period is 1 hour, during which the supervisors will assist pupils with their homework. Parents must check and ensure that their child’s homework is completed, and sign the homework diary on a daily basis. Parents must reinforce work done, e.g. spelling, projects, tests and speeches at home, and play an active role in their child’s academic progress. Reading, in particular, must be done at home every day.

Terms and Holiday Care

We follow 4 terms, as per the GDE outline. Holiday Care is occasionally offered during school holidays, at an additional daily rate. Please see the calendar available for down load in the down loads tab.


Extra murals are offered from Monday to Thursday – athletics (track and field and cross country), hockey, netball, soccer, cricket, softball, gymnastics (subject to change). Our focus is on academics, while we use sport as an enriching, and as a balancing mechanism.

Extra-Curriculars are co-ordinated by our dedicated coach and assistant coach. Their team of sports coaches focus on the foundation skills of soccer, tennis, hockey, netball etc. Fridays see the PAID extra murals taking place, including Dancemouse, SoccerStarz and Karate.


Our uniform supplier is McCullagh and Bothwell. Uniform items may be purchased from McCullagh and Bothwell, at Fourways Crossing during standard mall hours.

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Melanie Reyneke has finally received her practice number (039 000 0365254) which means most medical aids will now cover the cost of a scan. You still need to settle the account with Peek-a-Babe and then claim from your Medical Aid.

1 Scan Package :

Price : R700

Package Details : A 30 minute session including a CD with all the photos on it, baby’s weight, heart rate and confirmation of gender if required!

2 Scan Package :

Price : R700 for initial scan and R450 for follow up scan

Package Details :

An early scan between 12 and 25 weeks of gestation ,30 minute session including a CD with all the photos on it, baby’s weight, heart rate and confirmation of gender if required!

Follow up Scan between 25 to 34 weeks of gestation ,30 minute session including a CD with all the photos on it, baby’s weight, heart rate and confirmation of gender if required!

5 Scan Package :

Price : 1st 3 Scans are R700 per session and last 2 Scans are free (thus saving R1400)

Package Details :

First Scan between 12 & 18 weeks of gestation ,30 minute session including a CD with all the photos on it, confirmation of gestational age, due date, baby’s weight, heart rate and confirmation of gender if required!

Follow up scans every 4 weeks after initial Scan ,30 minute session including a CD with all the photos on it, as well as baby’s weight, heart rate and confirmation of gender if required!

Baby Shower:

Price : R1500

What an awesome gift or baby shower event! We go through to the venue and scan. It is a 30 minute session and includes a CD (with all the photos on it in a JPEG format) and a small gift.
During the session, we confirm gender, baby’s weight, heart rate and predicted birth weight.

Anomaly or Detail Scan:

Price : R800

An Anomaly scan is performed between 18 and 22 weeks of gestation, to ensure there are no defects of your unborn baby. We go through everything from head to toes! We issue you with a report that needs to be given to your gynaecologist or midwife.

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"Thank you to the DPC Team and Danie Besteryou all run a very professional operation and I can’t wait to attend more courses! To those of you that don’t know DPC, join and go forward in your photography.

Matthew Copham”

“Hands down the best teachings and practicals in South Africa.

Liam Beeton”

"Thank you so much for a great course Danie. I really enjoyed every class but specially enjoyed the practical classes in Newtown and Arts on Main. Those were just so exciting. You and the rest of your team are awesome teachers. Thanks Jenna for being so helpful and arranged the extra classes and certificates. Cant wait to do more!

Amanda Rumney, 2013-09-12”

Enough said, it just goes to show that DPC PHOTOGRAPHY are the best people to work with.